Poster Design by Alexander Perez

"The world had long forgotten the sounds of cars and airplanes...."

Six long years have passed since it happened… The world as we once knew it is nothing more than a distant memory. The human race now survives in the form of a young girl, Asia Moore, and her grandfather, James Moore. Things are tough, but their determination has helped them survive amongst the deteriorating remains of our old civilization.

To pass the time, Asia and James write stories together. Their fantastic stories contain thrilling tales of powerful dragons and magical warriors. The stories not only bring them closer together, but they also allow them to escape their reality – at least temporarily. Unfortunately, James’ health has started deteriorate. A debilitating cough has left him bedridden and barely able to move. Against James’ wishes, Asia decides she must set out on a lone journey out into the world in hopes of saving his life.

It will no doubt be a dangerous expedition, but it’s a journey she must make. Little does Asia know, she's not alone in this dangerous new world. Now she must rush against the clock to find help and save her grandfather. That is, is she can to stay alive....