Asia Moore
Aramé may be young, but she has already compiled an impressive resume. Her acting career started when she was only four years old. Determined to succeed as an actress, she and her family packed up and moved 500 miles from a small town in northern California to Los Angeles. Since then, she’s proven herself to not only be a skilled young actress, but also a versatile one. Aramé has had roles in a wide range of projects including national television commercials, theatrical plays (Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz), award winning films (An Oversimplification of Her Beauty), and summer blockbusters (Toy Story 3).

James Moore
Odell's unique acting career has spanned decades. Originally from a rural town in Louisiana, Odell first starting acting in the early 1960’s. He love of acting even led him to open his own theater, where he both acted in and directed a number of plays. After running the theater for about a decade, Odell took a break to focus on becoming a teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2012, Odell made his triumphant return to acting. His schedule has quickly filled up as he has taken on prominent roles in a number of successful shorts and even a feature. When Odell manages to find free time, he enjoys singing in the choir at his church.

Jennifer Moore
Originally from New York City, Genia first fell in love with acting after landing a role in Shakespeare play in elementary school. That love for acting only grew as she got older and gained more experience. Genia has been involved with a number of noteworthy productions - inlcuding Rescue Me, Numb3rs, Nip/Tuck, and the award winning television pilot Soap in the City. Despite now living on the west coast, Genia has kept her New York sensibility. When she's not on set, she still finds time to read, hike, spend time with her family, and, of course, play with her mini-schnauzer.

Caitlyn Johnson
Kylee has been a multitalented artist for nearly her entire life. The Alabama native has been acting, singing, and playing musical instruments since she was only five years old. While attending college at Auburn, Kylee landed prominent roles in a number of theatrical productions. After graduating, she decided to bring her southern charm to Hollywood. Since making the move, Kylee has quickly complied a number of notable roles. Despite her schedule quickly filling up, Kylee stills finds time to enjoy some of her favorite activities - including playing soccer, running, and playing the piano.

Terrence Jones is a young filmmaker who has started to carve out a path for himself in the industry. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, his passion for filmmaking eventually led him to Los Angeles. Since making the move to the west coast, Terrence has created videos for a number of notable companies, including Twitter, Interscope Records, and Warner Bros. Records. Additionally, some his music videos have been featured on a number of top websites includes MTV, VH1, and Billboard. He plans to continue directing short films and music videos and eventually transition into directing feature films.

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